Wednesday, June 6

Poofread This!

Read this sentence:

Now read it again, and count how many F's appear in the sentence.

[here's where I would put a "read more" jump, if only I knew how. Sorry, suckers!]

How many F's did you see? Most people will say four, but there are actually seven. It's the "of" that gets you -- it just doesn't look like a word that should count for much. Tricky, huh?

Why this nerdy game? I am taking a proofreading class. Remind me of this class -- which is helping me craft a new definition of the word "boredom" -- the next time I start talking about going back to school.

Last Monday, I bought a bottle of wine on my way to class to drink later at home. Next week, I'm thinking of bringing a corkscrew, since I nearly tried to pry the cork out of the bottle with my teeth midway through class.

I didn't know I could break so easy. Somewhere in the middle of the jokes about APA style and the incorrect usage of Google, I realized I just wasn't the nerd I'd always imagined myself to be.

There's nothing comedic about APA style. It's tricky and annoying, but it's not funny.

And hey! How about you figure out that Google is a search engine, not a source! You can't say that Google is a bad source; that's like saying that the library is a bad source. You mean that some sites -- often discovered with Google -- have false, poorly fact-checked information upon them. True enough. But you can't blame Google for that. Or you can, apparently, but it'll make me twitchy.

Wish me luck with my fourteen remaining hours. I will be staring at my watch, despairingly, through them all.