Tuesday, July 10

The Long Hiatus is Over

I know. It's been FOREVER. I've missed you too. What can I say? I was busy thinking about the "audience" for this blog. Man, sometimes I'm so pretentious.

Maybe I forgot this was blog. When you look that up in the dictionary, does it read "self-indulgent joke"? No offense, audience, but I'm going to ignore you for awhile and curb my faux deep thoughts.

Here are some of top moments of the past few months. I'll never leave you for so long again. Or maybe I will.

1. I had a birthday and my friends were so rad that I
apparently thought I was Lindsay Lohan, and the paparazzi
were stalking me. The guy with his back turned in that pic...my friend Dan, cause of the many festive shots I took that evening.

Look at me in my "no more pictures" mode.

2. I completed step one of my dental implant. On the same day that we had our apartment fumigated. Cause nothing makes the transition off Novocaine better than lysoling your entire apartment while fumes that are literally killer waft around you.

3. I went on a date with a boy who said he'd eat a puppy. Clearly he was not stalking me on the internet since he didn't know my feelings about puppies. Sure, there was context for his comment, but really, no context can explain away puppy-eating.

I feel that professions of your love of puppy-eating might possibly qualify as the worst date strategy ever.
(thx for the image)

4. I gave blood and I didn't faint. Although my arm did turn purple & green & yellow and things did not look so attractive there. If you've met me, witnessed the squirming, been present for previous Victorian style attacks of the vapours, you realize the not fainting was quite the accomplishment.

More highlights to come. No, really!

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