Friday, November 30

Start the Countdown

You'll recall that this is the blog of the world's laziest blogger* – not the world's most ambitious or creative blogger, and certainly not the most consistently updated blogger. But get ready for something very exciting. It's called: NaBloPoMo and it's an entire month when you blog once daily. (Basically, it's the lazy person's version of NaNoWri Mo, where you actually write a novel. In a month. The world's laziest blogger is certainly not yet capable of such novelistic creations.)

People: it will be awesome. More gross dental excavations in my mouth. More stories about pie failures & maybe successes. Hopefully not more stories of scary things people say about my ass on the street.

So, please get ready and prepare yourself for November 2008 when I will be blogging once a day. Start your countdown for a year from now, because nothing is better than an ambitious project deferred. Oh, wait, actually. . . Linda has started The Countdown already.

*this leads to all sorts of fun with referrers.

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