Tuesday, April 29

Question of the Week*

There are quite a few mini-road trips planned for this summer, because a. I just got my license, and b. all of my friends are getting married, none of them in NY. I've been debating the idea of taking highway driving classes, since the idea of switching lanes still makes me feel a little twitchy.

But do you think I could skip that and just play Grand Theft Auto instead?

*If you think there will be a question every week, or even that there will EVER be another question again, you don't know me at all. In which case, WOW: I have someone I don't know reading my blog. Cray-zy.

Meat-Free in 2008

Since mid-January, I've eaten no meat. It hasn't, actually, been as hard as I imagined it would be, and I've already been to two BBQs and the state of Texas.

Last Saturday, my resolve was tested. We were out to dinner at Song -- me and five other people -- and had drunk two bottles of wine already while waiting for our table. Finally, our Friday hangover was a thing of the past.

Appetizers were ordered, and when the summer rolls came, I popped a sushi-sized piece in my mouth, just as J. said "But those have CHICKEN."

I tried to say, "Oh!" back, but, you know, there was a whole meat-containing thing in my mouth. By now, the other five people at the table were staring at me. Uh. My eyes started bugging out. The weird thing is, no one had any suggestions. No one said "Oh, just eat it." Or, "Spit it out." Time passed. I got sick of breathing through my nose, and my cheeks chipmunked out.

Finally I realized that spitting it out into my napkin would be disgusting. And while I didn't care that much about accidentally eating meat, at this point that started to seem gross too. So I ran to the bathroom (it was fortunately both out of order & unlocked) and spit it out. I'm pretty sure everyone back at the table was grossed up at my near-bulimia, except for J, who thought I should have just mother-birded the summer roll.

Thursday, April 24

Happy Days: Here Again

I can tell that the warm weather is Really, Truly Here, because last night my dinner was an ice cream cone, and several beers. At least a few of those beers were drunk outside, too.

Besides the ice cream and the beers, last night I played trivia at a bar. Insanely hard trivia, including a section on songs with saxophones. We got one of ten of those songs. Shameful. I'm still glowing that I knew that "Thomas Friedman" was the NYT columnist who recently had a pie thrown at his fae while speaking. Who knew that information would ever prove useful?

Monday, April 7

This Happened

As I was leaving the Chambers / WTC train station tonight, I passed a plain woman on her way in. She was so very plain, so devoid of makeup and frumpily dressed, that I mistook her at first for a bag lady. As she walked into the station, she muttered under her breath "I miss the old New York. Where did that go?"

Tuesday, April 1

Austin: It's Not Like Boston At All

Initial thoughts: it just makes way more sense when people wear hipster clothes (particularly the boots part) in Austin, than in the wilds of Brooklyn.