Tuesday, April 29

Question of the Week*

There are quite a few mini-road trips planned for this summer, because a. I just got my license, and b. all of my friends are getting married, none of them in NY. I've been debating the idea of taking highway driving classes, since the idea of switching lanes still makes me feel a little twitchy.

But do you think I could skip that and just play Grand Theft Auto instead?

*If you think there will be a question every week, or even that there will EVER be another question again, you don't know me at all. In which case, WOW: I have someone I don't know reading my blog. Cray-zy.

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Dana E. said...

hi! one of those weddings will be mine:)

i have a blog now too (of sorts). we have to make one that's an "eportfolio" for our teaching class. it's here: