Friday, June 27

On the Road Again

The last time I went to New Hampshire, we rode behind this truck for pretty much the entire length of the West Side Highway.

This time, we're going to take the FDR to get out of the city, because driving behind a hot dog truck for that long can do crazy things to you, even if you've given up meat, and even if you've all-too-recently watched a documentary on how sausages and hot dogs are made. (Hint: it's not cute at all.)

I'm not sure if you can see in this picture, but the cart is closed with a plastic fork. So it really did seem like an easy, doable proposition to get out of the car (we were driving at approximately 0-4 mph) and grab a dog. We restrained ourselves, barely.

Wednesday, June 25

Why Yes, I DO Have Lots of Things to Say About Feet

Today I got a mani/pedi because I will shortly be attending a wedding, and it seemed like the thing to do. This is noteworthy mostly because I have a bit of a foot issue. When I say "a bit" of an issue, I meant actually that I hate feet, especially my own. When I was little and growing up, I asked my parents if I could get a toe-ectomy to fix my biggest toe, since it's so freakishly large. They said no, since as far as I know this vanity surgery does not exist. (Although if women can have vagina prettification surgery, I don't see why a surgery to make my toes more proportionate is so out of line.)

My relationship with my feet has been doing somewhat better ever since I went to the foot doctor, and he said my feet were cute and he liked my toes. It was like foot therapy. He is now my favorite of my doctors.

Anyway. The last time I got a pedicure was literally two years ago, in July of 2006. So I'd forgotten what it was like. And I'd also forgotten that one of my toes is incredibly ticklish. Just the one. The woman next to me was giggling up a storm the whole time they scrubbed her feet, and I thought it was really endearing and that maybe someday we could be friends.

Then she did something I did not know that a person could do. She decided -- after all ten little piggies we're painted -- that she didn't like the color she'd picked out. And so she had them take it off! Can you do that? Is that OK? I guess you can do it. But the international language of rage in the manicurist's eyes tells me that this is probably not OK.

Tuesday, June 24

Plz Picture Photoshop Here

This week's New Yorker came with an article so horrifying that it should have come with a warning attached:

Do Not Read Unless Sitting (Sitting on a Plane Doesn't Count)
This May Be So Disgusting You Will Never Recover
Some Medical Things Should Be Kept a Secret
This Is Why You Didn't Go to Med School
EWWWW, Gross

Note that Jason Kottke totally disagreed with me, and just found the article fascinating, not horrifying. He quotes from the 'graph that made me sit down on the street in Park Slope, head spinning and stomach turning. I'll also note that I actually really like reading medical conundrum type articles; I read all of Atul Gawande's book -- mostly with a hand half-covering my eyes in horror, but read to completion. I'm not sure if I'll finish this article. It seems like it can't get more horrifying, but who can know for sure, when no warning labels are given?

Friday, June 20

I won't fuck us over, I'm Mr. November

I saw the National, Modest Mouse, and REM at MSG with the three Ls (Linda, Liz, & Liane) last night. (Thanks for the FREE tickets, V!)

It was a great show, especially since we were in a box seat with a waiter delivering sippy cups of alcohol. When the National played "Mr. November" they dedicated it "to Barack." Clever. I wonder if they will trot that line out at every show, so that it becomes like that funny story you tell on every first date. Perhaps I will have to buy tickets to see them at Central Park to find out for sure.

Wednesday, June 18

Monday, June 9

The Truth Is

Sunday, when I was shoving furniture away from the wall so I could sweep & mop under it, an open bottle of wine fell to the floor, ricocheting off my head and spilling absolutely everywhere. I don't really have any insightful commentary. It happened. I re-mopped; I took a half hour long shower; I went to bed. Monday, our air conditioner broke at work. This week has nowhere to go but horizontal or up.