Tuesday, June 24

Plz Picture Photoshop Here

This week's New Yorker came with an article so horrifying that it should have come with a warning attached:

Do Not Read Unless Sitting (Sitting on a Plane Doesn't Count)
This May Be So Disgusting You Will Never Recover
Some Medical Things Should Be Kept a Secret
This Is Why You Didn't Go to Med School
EWWWW, Gross

Note that Jason Kottke totally disagreed with me, and just found the article fascinating, not horrifying. He quotes from the 'graph that made me sit down on the street in Park Slope, head spinning and stomach turning. I'll also note that I actually really like reading medical conundrum type articles; I read all of Atul Gawande's book -- mostly with a hand half-covering my eyes in horror, but read to completion. I'm not sure if I'll finish this article. It seems like it can't get more horrifying, but who can know for sure, when no warning labels are given?

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