Wednesday, June 25

Why Yes, I DO Have Lots of Things to Say About Feet

Today I got a mani/pedi because I will shortly be attending a wedding, and it seemed like the thing to do. This is noteworthy mostly because I have a bit of a foot issue. When I say "a bit" of an issue, I meant actually that I hate feet, especially my own. When I was little and growing up, I asked my parents if I could get a toe-ectomy to fix my biggest toe, since it's so freakishly large. They said no, since as far as I know this vanity surgery does not exist. (Although if women can have vagina prettification surgery, I don't see why a surgery to make my toes more proportionate is so out of line.)

My relationship with my feet has been doing somewhat better ever since I went to the foot doctor, and he said my feet were cute and he liked my toes. It was like foot therapy. He is now my favorite of my doctors.

Anyway. The last time I got a pedicure was literally two years ago, in July of 2006. So I'd forgotten what it was like. And I'd also forgotten that one of my toes is incredibly ticklish. Just the one. The woman next to me was giggling up a storm the whole time they scrubbed her feet, and I thought it was really endearing and that maybe someday we could be friends.

Then she did something I did not know that a person could do. She decided -- after all ten little piggies we're painted -- that she didn't like the color she'd picked out. And so she had them take it off! Can you do that? Is that OK? I guess you can do it. But the international language of rage in the manicurist's eyes tells me that this is probably not OK.


Joy said...

This will show how lame I am, but I still remember when you complimented me once on my toenail polish color.

madcat said...

I remember that too! It was a really pretty color. I'm that person at the nail salon that deliberates over the color for forty billion hours, so I can really appreciate your good choice.