Monday, July 14

If or when I am ever feeling down or disappointed at work, it helps to get on the elevator.

My office is on the second floor, but the stairs are locked (for fire safety? it confuses me) so I get to ride with the uber-corporate people who work for a different company, on a different floor. I work in editorial. At an internet company. So I'm generally only a smidge away from wearing pajamas.

People from other floors, though, have shiny shoes. Nearly reflective. On days when they're not wearing a suit, they're wearing business casual. They're often talking about meetings, thumbing their blackberries, and groaning about how late they are on their boring sounding project, involving lots of Excel and culminating in a deck shown at a meeting. Today, the men of the elevator were talking about golfing, and their lives, and seriously: I was in a bad mood when I got on that ride, but when I got out to go for my lunchtime walk, I felt 50% better about my life. Maybe even higher.

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