Monday, July 14

May I Suggest an Improvement?

Don't we all agree that the world would be a better place if all cameras used the same type of memory card? I just can't see the logic for needing a different card just because I switched from Casio to Sony. Except for the memory-card-makers. I can totally see the logic for them.

My other technical suggestion is that there should just be a place on the computer where I could shove in the memory card. Kind of like a floppy disk ('member those?) only wee and tiny. The cord seem unnecessary, and also are inevitably left behind at hotels. Again, great news for the cord makers; bad news for Madeleine.

This post marks the official moment when I became Andy Rooney. Next I will be complaining about the senseless cotton that's stuffed into pill bottles and talking about kids these days.

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