Wednesday, July 2

Top 3 Reasons I Can't Be a Shoe Saleswoman

Don't know what to be when you grow up? Flip that and reverse it, cause it's way easier to think of things you can't be when you grow up. Another potential profession knocked off the list -- here are the top three reason I can't be a shoe salesperson when I grow up:
  1. I hate feet.
  2. Club music makes me all weird and twitchy (and not even rhythmically twitchy).
  3. I am a terrible recognizer. True story: I once didn't recognize the first person I made out with in college. Years later, we became friends, and he told me he'd spent at least 25 minutes wondering if he'd done something horrific to piss me off & make me ignore him on campus. Nope. Just had no clue who he was, or that we'd ever canoodled.

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