Tuesday, September 30

First He Came for Our Smokes, and We Said Nothing

Do you think the NYT chose an image of Mayor Bloomberg kindasortamaybe rolling his eyes as an editorial statement on his running for a third time?

It's not that I don't like Mayor Mike - I do! - but srsly, he's thinking of banning our salt. And he's still not completely forgiven for the trans fats incident...

[Somewhat related side note: This reminds me a lot of the House's vote on the bailout -- when they didn't vote yes, the time limit for voting just got e x t e n d e d. Why bother having the rule, then?]

Wednesday, September 24

These Kinds of Posts Are Why Twitter Is Better

Today in my lunchtime soup there was a big plastic wrapper. It looked sort of like the wrapper to a package of sour peach candies -- yum, delicious -- but that doesn't quite make sense since it was a white bean and spinach soup, with no sour peach candies involved.

Anyway, it was that kind of a day (by which I meant a day of not-even-exciting complaints and problems) and so I intend to have several beers posthaste.

(Does doing something "posthaste" mean that I will do it as soon as the mail arrives? Or, does it mean that I will do it at the speed of mail?)
Let's start with a cliche: If one Presidential Candidate attends the debate, but the other Presidential Candidate does not, is there still a debate?

There (potentially) go my Friday night plans. And there had even been drinking games afoot. 'Smash suggested drink at every "change" but I was going to tell her that we should maybe aim to be sober for more than ten minutes. I guess now I won't bother.

Who else is there to be sorry for? Well, the students and staff of Ole Miss. They were trying to be less of a joke, which is hard when students routinely chant "the South will rise again" at football games. Articles like this make me pause in my perpetual what if I left NY daydream.

Wednesday, September 17

There's a lot to learn from the news of the past few days. For instance, perhaps we should consider that just three years ago, John McCain wanted to turn social security over to Wall Street. Small government! Privatization! Those are the answers
. . . except for when they're not, and loans are made for scary, too many zeros, amounts.

Of course, it's also a good moment to reconsider that moment when I mocked my friend JayPay for buying gold. "That's the equivalent of storing your cash under your mattress," I said, and "Do they give you the gold in bars? Do you have a sack of doubloons?" But that mocking was very, very wrong, because you don't see the crumpled dollar bills and grimy coins that linger under my bed appreciating by 11% in one day.

Sunday, September 14

Today we had a maid coming, so (of course) last night I dreamed that while she was cleaning, she evaluated my housekeeping skills and said I was a reasonably good cleaner. Ha ha -- I dream self-validated myself.