Wednesday, September 24

These Kinds of Posts Are Why Twitter Is Better

Today in my lunchtime soup there was a big plastic wrapper. It looked sort of like the wrapper to a package of sour peach candies -- yum, delicious -- but that doesn't quite make sense since it was a white bean and spinach soup, with no sour peach candies involved.

Anyway, it was that kind of a day (by which I meant a day of not-even-exciting complaints and problems) and so I intend to have several beers posthaste.

(Does doing something "posthaste" mean that I will do it as soon as the mail arrives? Or, does it mean that I will do it at the speed of mail?)


Anonymous said...

"post haste" is old timey for "delay haste." As in nothing should slow you down. Not mail related.

Erik said...

Actually, it is mail related. My dictionary says old timey 16th c. correspondents would write "haste, post, haste" on their letters to speed them along.