Tuesday, October 21

Lies, Damn Lies, and Well, You Know the Rest of that Saying, Right?

So how much did the Waterfalls earn, anyway?

• $15.5 million in direct spending on the exhibition’s total presentation, including building materials, construction, operation, disassembly and promotional and educational materials.
• An estimated $26.3 million in incremental spending by the 1.4 million visitors to the show.
• An estimated $26.8 million in “indirect spending from these expenditures.”

Question: Do I believe that the waterfalls earned NYC sixty nine (69) billion dollars?

Answer: No. No I do not.

It's great to see art in the city, but for next time...better. I request better art.

Not really all that relatedly, here are some interesting things to read about Bloomberg's attempt at changing a city-wide referendum that's been voted on (twice) so that he can remain mayor: Article in Slate, and this post in Lost City.
If it just happened once, I wouldn't think much of it. But all the time - really, all the time - I get to the train station and am gripping my keys for entry. Or the opposite: I arrive home, wallet out, and metro card in my hand. The synapses in my brain that are in charge of the idea of "access" and "get me inside" are all kinds of twisted.

Tuesday, October 14