Saturday, November 15

Insults, Vegas Style

I'm so pleased to know that I've likely been to Vegas for the last time in my life. That said, I did have a good time -- seeing Cirque Du Soleil exploded my brain, I developed an obsession with the Texas Tea slot machine, and ate at BLT Burger entirely too many times for someone who doesn't eat meat. (Salmon burger, x2)

Saturday night, we spent at a dive bar far from the strip, then back in our hotel casino. Gambling is a weird beast, so deeply unsocial yet requiring that sense of crowd and shared purpose. I kept losing people; I'd look up from Texas Tea and see that everyone I knew had disappeared. After a little bit of wandering, I'd see Brian looking anxious at the roulette table, or someone else eyeing the craps. Down $15 bucks at the slots after having been $30 up at a highpoint, I decided to go to bed. It was a little bit early.

In the elevator, there were two girls in their young twenties, dressed to slut, and a middle aged man. He looked at the two of them, and asked them about their night. They'd been at dinner, and were about to go clubbing. Then he looked at me, and asked "Gambling?" I said yes, and then he said, "The penny slots, right?" OH. It was a great put-down because it was all too true. When I got to my room, I thought about that elevator ride and when back downstairs to the casino.

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