Tuesday, October 21

Lies, Damn Lies, and Well, You Know the Rest of that Saying, Right?

So how much did the Waterfalls earn, anyway?

• $15.5 million in direct spending on the exhibition’s total presentation, including building materials, construction, operation, disassembly and promotional and educational materials.
• An estimated $26.3 million in incremental spending by the 1.4 million visitors to the show.
• An estimated $26.8 million in “indirect spending from these expenditures.”

Question: Do I believe that the waterfalls earned NYC sixty nine (69) billion dollars?

Answer: No. No I do not.

It's great to see art in the city, but for next time...better. I request better art.

Not really all that relatedly, here are some interesting things to read about Bloomberg's attempt at changing a city-wide referendum that's been voted on (twice) so that he can remain mayor: Article in Slate, and this post in Lost City.

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