Tuesday, November 18

Everyone's Favorite German Word

I'm sure you saw the story. In case you didn't: the Bloomberg Budget Takedown. Aaaaand the pull quote:
“I’m not addressing,” Mr. Page began,before burying his face in his hands, and mumbling, “Oh, forget it. Fine.”
I mean, it's kind of terrible how much I'm enjoying Bloomberg's failures lately. I'm TOTALLY on his side for the bag tax. Ask me about how much I believe in the power of taxes to change people's habits. (Uhm, little known fact: I did major in economics.) Also ask me about when I lived in Ireland, where there was a bag tax of five euro cent. Or maybe it was two euro cent? Whatever it was, it was high enough that you would often see single people stumbling home carrying one roll of toilet paper, a jar of pasta, and four tall boys of beer. No plastic bag, though.

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