Tuesday, November 18

A New Respect for Stunt Doubles

Would you believe me if I told you that at 9th Street this weekend, the drawbridge over the Gowanus was raised? What if I told you that there were barriers? And that I ran by them, dodging the yellow cones, vaulting smoothly the four feet to the drawbridge, and then leaping the four feet down on the other side? No? No, you wouldn't believe me? You're probably right not to -- you've probably met me, seen my too-big converse at the end of my legs, my collection of black-and-blue marks.

Nonetheless. The words "Just do it and don't ask any questions" were said to me, and I did, in fact, climb over the drawbridge. It's just that it was somewhat awkward and slow-motion. At one point, I was half suspended over the drawbridge, but it was not at all Spider-man like.

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J. Longo said...

Yeah, that was kinda like an adult playground. You forgot to mention my lack of chivalry in not helping you onto the bridge. And then the piggy back escape off the bridge.

Still, points for being rebels who likely broke the law if you wanna get down to brass tacks.