Thursday, February 19

Squint really hard, become one with the out-of-focus screenshot, and you'll see that included within the stimulus plan is 8 billion dollars for "Other."

Let's keep in mind that my notion of budgeting and financial planning involved signing up for Mint . . . and then dropping my (free) membership when they sent me one too many "you've gone beyond your recommended spending allowance for liquor/entertainment." (It's also possible that when they emailed to ask why I'd quit their service, I referred to them as Mom.)

I'm just saying that seems like an awfully large slush fund. Aaand back to figuring out where to spend my extra 8 stimulus bucks a week.

Adventures in Proofreading

Did you know that it is chaise longue and not chaise lounge? True! (Also true that spell checker is announcing that longue is spelled incorrectly.) More information than you likely wanted to know about chaise lounge v. chaise longue.

Friday, February 13

New Word

Today is the first day of me knowing the word bershon, sortakinda invented by Sarah Brown. I don't know how I've been living without it. And I think I have SEVERAL bershon pictures of adolescent madcat to add into this flickr pool.