Thursday, April 16

Talking Dirty 2

I'd propose quim as another one of those words you see in books, but never, ever hear said aloud, except that Urban Dictionary informs me that the phrase "quim doctor" is slang these days. Consider yourself informed.

A few tangential notes:
  • Do you think it confuses Google's tracking of me as a person and purchaser that my major searches today have been "vintage pyrex" "is pyrex worth something" "pyrex microwave?" "jo malone perfume" "bond no 9 perfume" "deep water highsmith movie" "stop kittens from biting" "out loud aloud" and "quim doctor"? I live in fear of my searches being exposed like those poor AOL users.
  • I like that this antiquey slang word has been transformed into a modern-day slang term. Sort of like how Slate was able to connect Britney to Joyce & Shakespeare in less steps than you might imagine that would take.

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