Tuesday, June 30

o, hello!

Even with the rain, it is summer and I have been doing things. I've been to Connect-i-cut, Ohio, Baltimore's airport (do not like), & New Hampshire. I've been to three weddings. No progress has been made on my New Year's Resolutions. I have bought four dresses on eBay. Because of the rain, I have no tan lines & have not been to the beach. I've become obsessed with a French actor (this guy; fyi, I remembered his name by searching "daniel french actor" and cannot believe that technique was successful).

Mostly I haven't been up to a whole lot that I've felt like writing about. But you knew that already, since you can see the gap between this post and the last one. Here's a blog I read this week & liked: Metacritique. I don't really know much about the person writing, but he/she/they seem like possibly the only person who could write about the Alice Hoffman kerfuffle and make me care.