Tuesday, August 4

Made By Me.

Of course I did research before J, Joe, and I went to the Home Depot in Brooklyn to get plants for my rooftop garden. I consulted the internet, my mom (oh, anytime in April or May sounds good), and my dad (who gave a very precise date, along with evidence from the New York Times for the rightness of the timing) for the best date to start planting.

I spent about 50 bucks. Dirt is more expensive than you might think. I needed planters, and plants, too. $50 seemed like a lot for just a little garden, but I figured everything would go swimmingly after all my research, and that the garden would pay for itself in deliciousness.

As it turned out, swimmingly was an overly apt term for what happened to my garden. You know what happens next: The rain. Buckets of it. Daily rain for entire weeks. The dill was the first to go. One strawberry plant drowned, and the other one blew away. Times were tough, and I gave up. But these two lonely tomatoes survived -- twenty-five dollars each, delicious and costly.

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