Wednesday, November 25

Big news (if you live near Smith Street, that is)

Astro Turf to Open "Occasionally"

I wonder if it's because in mid-October I wrote them a note on the back of a receipt, sliding it under their door, to mention that I wanted a table that was in their window. "I've come by three times, and you're always closed. Please call," I wrote, since I'm not really much of a negotiator, or good at hiding my shopping wants. Actually, the entire note exuded desperation. But maybe it worked?

Because now they are open (ish) and I am ready to try to give them my money again. That yellow vintage kitchen table must be mine (so long as none of you folks figure out their mysterious hours first, and buy it before me).


Caryn said...

Did you get it?

madcat said...

nooo -- we've gone twice, and they've still been closed. i'm close to giving up, but not there yet.