Thursday, January 28

Internet PSA

Be careful on the internet, guys, because things can go really really wrong, really easily. Like a few months ago, when I was looking into getting a record player. I started my search on ebay, of course, because whenever I buy things there they arrive at my office wrapped in tissue paper like a wonderful surprise present. I feel this way even though the things I buy are neither surprises nor presents.

Anyway, the prices were higher than I expected. Given that I had not-so-many (any?) records, I didn't really want to invest too much. But finally I found the world's most awesome deal. If all the other record players on ebay were say, 90 bucks, this one was 20. Extraordinary! Wonderful! I was just about to buy it when I thought about the shipping and handling. $3.95? That's less than I paid to ship a purse.

And that's when I realized I was about to buy a perfectly-to-scale, amazingly realistic, 4-inch square miniature record player.