Monday, February 15

Made By Madcat

Here's my teddy bear, stepping in to model this baby blanket, which is off in the mail tomorrow morning to my friends' newest family member. (Honestly, I could have sent this sooner ... but my lifelong ban on irons--and clothes that required ironing--finally caught up with me.)

Thursday, February 11

Truth in Advertising

spotted at the Key Food by my apartment

Friday, February 5

Books I Read in January

Before it's so late in the month that this becomes ridiculous, here are the books I read in January; there were three.
They are all mysteries, which seems a bit one-sided. The first two are about race, and racism, in America. This was not a planned thematic start to the year. It wasn't a perfect novel -- so much back story! some occasional clunky writing -- but I enjoyed Black Water Rising the most of these three books.