Tuesday, April 20

Books I Read in February & March

UGH, I am so behind in my self-imposed task. It's almost May! Here's what (I think) I read -- it's a bit hard to remember, so, extra challenge.

This is list is somewhat in order of reading.
  • Misconception - Ryan Boudinot - library - to be fully honest, I took this book out of the library because of it's squarish shape, neither mass market or trade. I worried it might be too twee, or obnoxiously post-modern. But I mostly liked it! The book was about the flaws of memory, ownership of stories, and what happens when good intentions lead to tragic results. I'm linking to a negative review, but I liked it more than the reviewer did.
  • In Defense of Food - Michael Pollan - bought at Unnameable - I can't say that I found a lot new in this book, maybe because I've read Pollan a bunch in the NYT mag, or maybe because these messages about food are becoming more and more wide-spread. That's not to say it was bad.
  • The Scenic Route - Bonnie Kirshenbaum - bought somewhere? - Quirky. Funny. The (vegetarian!) narrator journeys with a lover throughout Europe (choosing destinations randomly) telling stories of the near and far past.
  • Motor Mouth - Janet Evanovich - library - I can't remember what this was about, only that I got the giggles toward the end of the book, and that I read on a cold Sunday, while J played video games.
  • Paper Towns - John Green - library - sometimes I shake things up, and read YA.
  • Mom Among the Liars - church book sale - I bought this mostly out of nostalgia. I'm pretty sure I read another book in this mystery series when I was in high school. And, the book was only 25 cents or something.
  • The Scarecrow - library - Michael Connelly - all I can remember is that something Law & Order: SVU-style gross happened to a female character. If I'd known, I wouldn't have read it.
  • The Help - Kathryn Stockett - library - I raced through this book. It is, just like every review says, the perfect book club book. I found it problematic, but in interesting & well-intentioned ways. The dialect made me uncomfortable, particularly at the start of the book.
That's it!

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