Tuesday, June 8

April Books

Time to turn to cliches: Better late than never!
  • A Happy Marriage* - Rafael Yglesias - library - My expectations for this book might have been a bit (too) high given how much I'd read about it on blogs. The first part of the book was amazing although difficult to read on the train: it reveals the lovableness of a major character (through the eyes of her husband, falling in love with her as a young man) and her eventual death (through the eyes of her husband, 30 years into their marriage). Other parts of the book felt cheesy to me, and some sections--graphically about her cancer--are excruciating to read.
  • The Kids Are All Right - multiple authors - nonfiction - One of my favorite coworkers lent me this book -- a hardcover -- so she must really trust me. The second book I've read this year that takes place in a friend's town, so I kept picturing her in place of the people in the book.
  • Major Pettigrew's Last Stand - Helen Simonson - library - No question, my favorite book that I've read so far this year. Subtle, funny, sad, and meaningful. Also, I like reading books that take place in the UK that have American characters running around, being gauche & missing all the subtleties.
  • Juliet, Naked - Nick Hornby -- library - A quick read. What I liked most about this book was the descriptions of the depressed town where the main character lived. At points, I might have accidentally sympathized with the antagonist, an obsessive fellow who totally miscalls the value of a recording from a cult artist.

*It's possible I read this in March? Being organized is hard!

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