Wednesday, November 3

Dinner: Tabbouleh Salad & Homemade Falafel

There's an insane amount of parsley in the refrigerator, so much that finding juice feels like a nature expedition. The good thing is, I now know how to keep parsley -- and other herbs -- usable for more than four days. (Just put them standing up in a glass, with a little water on the bottom.) But that doesn't solve the problem of using four bunches of parsley. So I decided to make tabbouleh.

And then once that was done, it just seemed like making falafel was the next step. J made the falafel mix, and after a failed attempt at frying, we wound up baking them in the oven -- that was way easier, and I can only imagine healthier.

  • Falafel -- And more parsley in the falafel! We skipped the coriander, and if we made it again, I'd punch up the cumin a bit.
  • Tabbouleh -- I used less onion than the recipe. I'd never known that to "cook" bulghur, you just let it soak in cold water, but we did wind up soaking it for more than the hour and a half that the recipe says (but I also overcook pasta, so that might just be me).

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ℓa ℓa ℓa ♥ said...

..a homemade falafal. That's nice. :D