Tuesday, November 15

Poach Your Eggs

This weekend, should you make poached eggs? If you leave off the hollandaise sauce, they're the healthiest of eggs! Find out how to make them, and then have yourself a mimosa as a reward.

Friday, November 4

Review: The Savage City, by T.J. English

T.J. English's non-fiction book, The Savage City: Race, Murder, and a Generation on the Edge, tells three interlocking stories about race, corruption, and the police in 1960s and 1970s New York City. Like the best non-fiction works, this book may leave you wanting to read all of its source material. The Savage City is a page turner, and serves as a nice reminder that 1960s New York was not solely about the boozing and vintage dresses of Mad Men. English also seeks to shine a light on the New York of today, through the lens of the past. In the introduction, he writes:
The past is not past: a city's identity is composed not just of events in the present moment but also of all that came before. If New York City today is a place of prosperity, safety, and good times, as its civic leaders and financial developers contend, it is useful to remember that these things have come at a price.

Thursday, November 3

Hey, here's a handy site for people with jerky friends: Is It Old? Just in case you needed a handy companion to LMGTFY.

Wednesday, November 2

Beethoven Awareness Month

Really great ad for WQXR's Beethoven Awareness Month  -- and perfectly placed at the Lincoln Center 1/9 train station.

Tuesday, November 1

Wheat Is Better

I spent a lot of time inside this past weekend, avoiding the thundersnow that hit the northeast, and engaging in my latest hobby. Perhaps the main requirement for baking bread is a skill for finding good 30-minute tasks. How I Met Your Mother reruns, anyone? I made the whole wheat bread listed on the back of the flour bag. It has so few ingredients: honey, whole wheat flour, regular flour, salt, and yeast. And water.

The dough was incredibly sticky -- much more so than last week's plain white sandwich bread dough -- and I added tons of flour while kneading. The recipe had called for adding 1/4 - 1/2 cup of flour while kneading, but I might have added as much as a cup. Here's the bread dough, about to go in a bowl and rise.
whole wheat bread, a little overly-floured up
The recipe for this bread made two loaves; I only have one pan for baking bread. I thought about halving the recipe, but I've read that splitting bread recipes can lead to problems. Also, math! So this dough went on to make one loaf of sandwich bread, and one boule.

whole wheat bread, fresh from the oven
Last week's white sandwich bread was good, but this whole wheat bread was much, much better: chewy and flavorful, the bread tasted complex. It is hard to believe that so few ingredients are involved in making this whole wheat bread.