Tuesday, January 31

Only In Dreams

I must be watching entirely too much Bravo lately, because the other night I dreamt I was a contestant on America's Next Top Diplomat, a show where contestants compete to become the U.S.'s next diplomat to Australia.

Why Australia? Who knows. All I remember is being in front of a panel of sophisticated judges -- maybe on the set of Meet the Press? -- making what seemed in my dream to be sophisticated arguments about America's foreign policy relations with Australia. Perhaps I am still processing through sleep the wonders of the political world this year.

Monday, January 30

Raisin Bread, Homemade

Midway through making this raisin bread, I realized what I really wanted was a cinnamon-raisin swirl bread, kind of like the classic Pepperidge Farm variety.

My improvised attempt to add a swirl didn't work (see picture). I thought it was really yummy. J. thought there should be more cinnamon, and I don't necessarily disagree. When I was making it though, the two tablespoons seemed absurdly heaping.

Recipe from King Arthur Flour -- next time I'll add more cinnamon & raisins, and see if I can make a swirlified version.

Sunday, January 8

'Tis Still the Season

Buried at the bottom of my stocking was a dark-chocolate-orange. Cracking it is fun; eating it segment-by-segment is even better.

Sunday, January 1

Feeling Resolute

I have an excess of resolutions this year, most of which I'm sure will wind up abandoned if the past is any guide to my future. But today is the first day of the year, I have just the slimmest shadow of a hangover, and 2012 (still) feels fresh and full of possibilities. So here are a few things I'd like to do this year:
  • get a new haircut & get better at blow drying my hair straight;
  • end the year with less possessions than I started with;
  • spend less time procrastinating & making lists;
  • take a trip that requires a passport;
  • read Bleak House by Dickens.