Saturday, January 3

Here's what I spent on the second day of 2015, in pictures. I have in mind to track my spending all month. We'll see how long I actually keep it up. I spent zero dollars on January 1st, due to a day-long brunch over at my parents.

Starting at the bottom is the very saddest of sad desk salads, poorly dressed and with just absurdly huge chunks of hard boiled egg and feta. You can say this about midtown: terrible place to work, but they know how to make a tolerable sad desk salad. Working in Chelsea west, I miss the salads a bit. 

Continuing clockwise is a drink that I didn't actually buy -- and neither did J. The cousin of one of the people we were drinking with -- a guy visiting from Ohio -- purchased everyone's drinks without saying, then ghosted on out. I'm including it because I came so very close to paying for it.

Next up is dinner: clams from La Villa, a restaurant squarely in the middle of Park Slope that feels like it more rightly belongs in suburbia. I can't say I think the food there is good, but I gave them another chance.

The last picture is of my eyebrows. I paid for them to be waxed, which I've never done before. I'd give the experience a good grade aside from the price, which was ludicrous.  I justified it though, feeling deserving of a reward for working on the day after New Year's in a near-empty office.

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