Tuesday, January 6

January 5th - Every purchase was a challenge on Monday.  I walked to Neergaard Pharmacy to pick out clear nail polish to use with my fancy nail stickers, and deliberated for entirely too long over which clear polish to purchase. Would the 10-buck Essie base really make my nails grow faster and stronger, in a superhero-like fashion? Possibly, but I'll never know, since I opted for the cheapie choice.

Next to the fish market. Salmon's been my go-to fish for too long, and I wanted something new. I walked back and forth through the small store like the fate of the world, and not just dinner, rested on my choice between tilapia or haddock, bass or basa. Haddock it was, with capers, lemon, and parsley over all the vegetables we had in the fridge (celery, onions, and kale, of course) in foil packets.

Have you noticed that all my purchases so far have been either to feed or groom myself? Prepare yourself, because tomorrow everything changes. 

PS: I am sorry about the food photos. I get that they're gross. It's just so hard to take photos of food (especially when hungry!). 

PPS: I also bought deodorant for J. at Neergaard. Just sharing in the interests of full reporting.

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