Sunday, January 4

Saturday January 3rd it snowed, but the unsatisfying kind that makes New Yorkers hold up umbrellas foolishly. No accumulation at all. But a good excuse to make soup -- and play mancala, which I got as a Christmas gift from good friends and good gamers.

J. suggested mushroom barley soup, and we used a recipe from dearly-departed Gourmet magazine for inspiration. We doubled the carrots and celery, though, and added white beans.  And kale, too, because we can't help being from Brooklyn in the '10s.

Soup on a snowy Saturday in January comes highly recommended.

P.S. Also recommended, saving the rind from Parmesan cheese in the freezer and throwing it in the soup as it cooks for more delicious umami-ness. Don't forget to take it out at the end!

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