Tuesday, January 13

What I Bought in January: January 11 and 12

Summary of my week: water, list, typetypetypetype
January 11th, I didn't buy anything. That's a bit of a fudging of the facts, since J. bought much stuff for dinner (sweet potato and black bean chili, yum).  And I guess I had an emergency run to the bodega to buy baking soda for a baking situation. I'm not sure how to account for money spent out of common coffers. It's probably clear by now that I didn't really think through this whole "what I bought in January" exercise; I just wanted a reason to feel like I was engaged with this sad, deserted space and to save money.

Monday, January 12th, I had an assignment to write about turning bad days around. (I'm taking a break from giving it a final edit now, in fact, before I email it off.) In an ironic twist, Monday was not the best day for me and I did not follow any of my own advice for making a bad day better, either.

It started with sleeping later than I'd intended, and then was compounded by having repairmen in to install a vent in our bathroom. Did you know it's illegal/not up to code in NY to not have one? I think my last bathroom had a window, so it wasn't an issue. The repairmen, while lovely, carried an odor that was a mix of dog, motor oil, and McDonald's, and had a lot of small questions and requests: Did I have a pencil? Could they borrow a small light? Where were our paper towels? We didn't use them!? What kind of people don't use a paper towel?

As a worker, I can be a bit of a delicate flower and all of this was enough to throw me into a unproductive spiral of emails saved as drafts and notes in place of solid first drafts. Of course if I'd had a real deadline, I would have powered through. But I didn't -- or, a Tuesday at noon deadline seemed ages away -- so I drifted off into reading the internet and avoidance, using the excuse that everything was going wrong anyway, so surely anything I created would be tainted.

That said, I spent very little money on Monday. I bought an app for 99 cents from Yes and Yes. With the app, you get a daily motivational message for a full year. You have to choose to go to the app to get the message each day, which at first I thought was a bug. But more and more I am thinking of it as a feature: having to remember to check the app on your own is important, and almost as meaningful as reading the daily message.

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