Monday, January 19

What I Bought in January: January 13th through 18th

Ooops. No surprise, a lack of tracking reflects means more spending. Tuesday and Wednesday are a bit of a blur. I don't think I did or spent much, but it's difficult to remember.

Wednesday, while J met a friend for lunch, I combined a daily walk with running errands and chatting to my mom. I bought milk for coffee at the very tail end of the hike, deposited some checks (yah) and mailed off my quarterly taxes (boo). And while it wasn't me that bought it, I happily partook of the Evan Williams that J. picked up at the liquor store.

Thursday, I met my old boss for a drink in midtown in the late afternoon. Irish bar, of course -- is there really an option in midtown? We had two drinks apiece, and then he raced off to Grand Central. I walked crosstown, and got on the train to meet up for another former coworker's birthday drinks. I had several -- enough so that the next day I was confused that I didn't have more money in my wallet. On the way home, J. and I stopped off at Sammy's Noodles and split lo mein: greasy and amazing

I wouldn't say I was hungover on Friday but my brain felt tired. I had my weekly phone date with friends -- delayed from Wednesday because of scheduling stuff -- and J went out and got us banh mi sandwiches and an Orangina for me because he is a prince of husbands.

Friday night, I met up with a friend for drinks in Bay Ridge. Still thinking about my not-hangover, I brought two slices of pizza to the bar. A preemptive strike! We had four generous pour glasses of wine each, and the bill for my half was $15. I took a picture of the receipt to share, and laughed when the bartender asked if I planned to expense the drinks. On the way out of the bar, and into the cold, an old man grabbed my hand and tried to dance a gig with me. The train was on my side, and I came home to tell J. every tiny detail.

Saturday, we popped over to my parents for brunch. My mom cleared out her closet, and I snagged some clothes. We went to a good friend's child's birthday -- we got him a book & Fischer Price plastic record player -- and watched so many children bop around to kids' songs. I remembered that I really like the song, "I've Been Working on the Railroad" and I wondered what songs they sing at kids' parties in England. Friends gave us a ride home, which was great, since I was still carrying two giant totes of clothes from my parents -- so much for my resolution to end the year with less stuff than I started it with. J. went out and got pizza dough, and we (let's be honest, J) made pizza for dinner, and watched the majority of the first disc of Happy Endings, season one. So good!

Sunday, I had allergies for ten hours straight, and spent nothing for that day of misery. 

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