Saturday, January 24

What I Bought in January: January 19 through January 23

Monday: I worked MLK Day, which feels wrong. I discovered something I'm editing contains plagiarism and spent an absurd amount of time figuring out how to share that news tactfully but directly. After that, I called it a (work) day. I went on a huge grocery trip, but forget important components to all my planned meals and treats: here's everything for baked ziti but the sauce! All the ingredients for cookies but sugar! Ready for tuna salad...except for mayo.

Tuesday: I spent all day refreshing the tracking information for flowers, which we'd bought as a birthday present for a relative. J and I got Chinese food for lunch, and I walked to pick it up for "exercise." I headed into the city for a meeting (one Metrocard ride) and then had a weird amount of time to dawdle before book club. I thought of how good it would be to do nothing, but went instead to the library, where I saw the amazing sign pictured above. I texted one of the girls from book club, and we met up for two drinks apiece at Fat Black Pussycat, followed up by sushi dinner and discussion of the book. TBH: I hadn't read it, and the discussion didn't really make me want to.

Wednesday: Working this week has been a struggle. When I feel that on a Wednesday, it's hard for me not to just dismiss the whole week. All day Wednesday, I thought, this week's a loss; let's just screw it and we'll start over next week!

After checking some stuff off my to-do list, I met best friends in the city for drinks. At the first bar, we had to escape because of terrible karaoke, and at second bar, some bros said mockingly, "Nice glasses hipsters" and I realized we were all wearing thick-rimmed glasses. I don't think of myself that way, but see why the bro did. I said no to splitting a cab home with a friend, and then was rewarded by amazing train luck -- the M to the B to the R happened like magic, with no wait time for a single transfer. Home, I reheated and ate Chinese food mindlessly, then toddled off to bed.

Thursday: J's friend - my friend - our friend arrived from Austin to visit for a few days.  Pretty much immediately after he landed, we went to Bonnie's to get him restorative buffalo sauce. I had a salad, but also stole mighty amounts of J's fries. Balance, right? Later in the afternoon, I met a friend for tea.

We went to a bar for drinks, and I put mine on J's tab -- it's my tab too, because marriage, but it feels so much nicer not to have to sign the credit card slip at the end of the night. I tried Knob Creek, and realized the Jefferson Reserve has left me thoroughly spoiled. Home to pizza and TV. I tipped the delivery guy five bucks because he has no change, and because after one drink, I'm overflowing with generosity.

Friday: I met an old coworker for lunch, and every train went wrong. If I was rewarded on Wednesday by the trains, today I was punished. I was pretty sure I know why, too, but I'll keep that private. I wound up getting out at Times Square and taking a cab; being late and taking a unnecessary-feeling cab made me anxious and I could feel my heart race as I glared at traffic. I reminded myself that ten dollars and fifteen minutes is not the end of the world. Lunch was nice and restorative.

Back in Brooklyn, I went to the library and resolved to be productive. I checked my email and got news that a project I'd just researched has changed scope; all my work was worthless. This has never happened to me before, so I resolved to think of myself as lucky that a) I didn't research more and b) this was only the first time it had happened.

We have "yah, visiting friend!" drinks. We crawled our way around 5th Avenue, playing pinball and enjoying the champagne of beers. We ate at Dram Shop (never have you seen people so focused on their fries) at around 10:00, but someone else grabbed the check for the whole meal.

On to the weekend!! P.S. Sorry about the tense screwups throughout - I wrote this all throughout the week, and then switched everything (very quickly & without double-checking) from present to past tense.

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