Wednesday, January 7

What I Bought in January: January 6

And then on the sixth day, I made a purchase that wasn't to beautify or feed myself: tickets to LA! You know it's official once I add a new folder to my gmail (hello, "travel/la.") Also when the credit card bill arrives. 

I've been eying tickets for months; a two-day sale on both Virgin and Jet Blue flights made committing to the purchase easy. I am indeed set to jet!

How else did I spend my money yesterday? I met my friend and went to see Bad Date Great Story at the Bitter End to the accompaniment of whiskey. The slap bracelet on the table was all free though, and I'm still wearing it today. And that's all for January 6th's money spent.

Sometimes I think this would be more fun if I mentioned all the things I didn't purchase. For instance, yesterday a fave blogger informed me of a Net-a-Porter sale, and I did not buy a deeply discounted bra. Sexy, no? Also one of the performers at Bad Date Great Story was wearing a sweatshirt of a dinosaur wearing a crown. I started Googling where to buy it during the show, and then realized I was being incredibly rude. So I waited for home, then deliberated for much time on how a men's extra small would fit. (Verdict: probably not so great.)

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