Thursday, January 8

What I Bought in January: January 7

I was hugely productive yesterday, cranking through a project I'd been avoiding and shoving down to the very bottom of my to-do list for weeks. I hate about myself how much I procrastinate. Hate it. But I also consider procrastination part of my process -- maybe even in a positive way.  Sometimes a project is whirring away in part of my brain while I avoid engaging fully in it, and then it's ready to explode out when I finally force myself to focus. Or sometimes it's just great to do the work, and realize how much better the doing is than my imagining of what the work (almost always writing) would be like. Would completing yesterday's assignment have felt so amazing if I hadn't avoided it for so long?

Blather aside, my busy day plus a lack of grocery shopping plus J's overbooked day all added up to Chinese food for lunch. (Cheap! Although I am concerned that even though I specifically asked, my soup most likely had meat in it. Chicken stock is my soup nemesis.)

For dinner I met up with a friend, and got a burrito as big as my head and a margarita. And then two more drinks, at a nearby bar, since there was too much to discuss to end our hangout after eating.

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