Sunday, January 11

What I Bought in January: January 8, 9, and 10

It is wearying, a bit, to report my spending. Wearying and overly revealing. But to stop a week in feels silly, so here goes: Thursday, January 8th, I worked at home, eating leftovers dutifully for lunch.

I had tea with a friend in the late afternoon, then met up with another friend for a late dinner at Pork Slope, which quickly devolved into a bourbon tasting. Now I have a new favorite bourbon: the expensive, smooth, and very drinkable Jefferson Reserve.

Sidenote: Being a lady who drinks the dark liquors is the kind of thing that gets you senseless admiration from men. It is no kind of accomplishment to order a bourbon -- neat or straight up -- but since I've switched away from my vodka tonic standard, I've gotten much ill-deserved praise.

At the end of meal/bourbon tasting, my friend insisted on paying -- it was both generous and awkward. I got the tip, but am still feeling self-conscious about the whole thing days later.

Friday, we watched Last Action Hero and ordered in. Lame! Can I blame the weather?

Saturday we walked over to South Slope/Windsor Terrace area, and ate mediocre sandwiches for lunch at Double Windsor. Then home for a kahlua-spiked coffee (courtesy of a homemade gift from our friend Linn), playing games, and watching Die Hard.

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