Tuesday, July 28

An obvious dreamer

via Jeff Turner/Flickr
Every few years, I have some variation of a dream where I'm driving a car and my brakes don't work.

It first started in college, after a bad breakup, but it's continued through other emotional storms. I guess it's interesting to note that this dream started occurring roughly a decade before I got my driver's license.

Usually I wake up shaking a fist at my sleeping brain, which spits out such concrete stories: why can't it dream more creatively? Yes, yes, I get it — I feel out of control. I'm in an unfamiliar machine, that wouldn't even work if I did know how to drive.

Anyway, last night I had the same ol' familiar dream but with a twist. (Now, by the way, I do know how to drive, if badly.) I was living in California, and randomly driving a giant Google van/bus unsteadily up, down, and around the winding mountains. (Why Google? Why not? It was white, and I am not sure if anyone was in it with me.) Instead of malfunctioning brakes, though, I had a giant gas pedal that extended the width of where typically there would be both gas and brakes. It was comically large — the size of a skateboard, possibly.

On windy turns, I did my best to decelerate, but knew eventually there would be no avoiding a crash. And then I woke up. I mean, I guess I am grateful that there has been some EVOLUTION in my dream, even if so very minor and pitiful.